About “Horizons”

Horizons are funny things, I think. They are often easily dismissed, yet at times, they can captivate a person. What is it about them? Is it the colours of the sky? The beauty of the ocean or the land? The city, seen from afar? Is it the blissful knowledge that we’re insignificant, in this great world of ours?

I decided to make this typology about horizons, first because I’ve always been fascinated by them, but also to address the subject of them being cliché. I’ve found out lately that a lot, if not all of my work is considered cliché. Art for art’s sake seems to be dead now. It is not enough for something to be beautiful, there has to be some underlying meaning for its existence, otherwise it is deemed unimportant, pointless. For someone who loves red roses, black and white photographs, and horizons… well, needless to say, it’s a problem.

Therefore, I put together a collection of photographs of horizons I’d taken over the years. I began by connecting them simply through the horizon line, which originally would cut through exactly half of the image, giving equal weight to sky and land/water. But as the project progressed, I decided that they had to be connected by something more. I wanted to turn the experience of the work into a journey. I also decided that it wasn’t enough to have a single horizon line through the centre, simply because it was unrealistic, and because some of the beauty was lost otherwise.

The end result was almost a combination of mini-typologies making up a larger one. The work is divided into three sets of ten images. The first with the horizon line cutting through the bottom third of the image, the second through the centre, and the third through the top. Among the horizons, I included photos I’d taken from a plane. Each set, after the plane ride, begins with a sunrise, and ends with a sunset. These elements, I placed not only to create the illusion of travel, of time passing, but also to connect the beginning to the end, making it an endless cycle.

I admit there is something about horizons that can make them blend into each other, especially seen this way. There is a tendency to look at the line and flip through each image like it means nothing, like it’s just a pretty picture. But if you take the time to look at each image individually, you can see the beauty in each one, the beauty of nature, of humanity, and most importantly the combination of the two. Life is a journey, and horizons are just a way of taking you somewhere new, placing you on that beach, those rocks… at least that’s how it works for me.

Then again, I’m just a walking cliché.


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