As Close As I Can Be

As Close As I Can be

This photograph is the perfect embodiment of what many animals in captivity feel, especially if their enclosure is too small or secluded. Here, this lonely bird stands on the tallest branch, as close as it can be to the small skylight which lets it see the sky outside.


What Are the Chances?

Ironically enough, this photo, of which I am particularly proud, the one which is perhaps the best of all I’ve taken, was entirely by chance. I was with my family in Niagara Falls and the seagulls were exceptionally restless, flying in circles and swooping down, trying to get food where they could. I plopped on my camera a very high shutter speed, pointed up, and shot. It was a beautiful result. At exactly the right time. Magically, at exactly the right speed. The seagull looks down at me the same way I look up at it; wishing we could trade places.